The new Datacolor Spyder 4 Pro – Find out what the new Features are HERE

Datacolor have just brought out the new Spyder 4 Pro S4P100

The new Datacolor Spyder 4 ProThis new monitor calibrator brings a raft of new features to the market to build on the huge success of the Spyder 3 range. This model is designed not just for photographers but also video editors or videographers who are looking for maximum control and flexibility coupled with improvements of 26% in accuracy and 19% in consistency between units.

The Spyder 4 pro and the other models in the 4 series are also the only monitor calibrators which allow you to calibrate:

  • monitors
  • projectors
  • ipads
  • iphones
  • laptops

Datacolor’s patented 7 color sensor is now equipped with double-shielded filters for greater performance and, importantly, longer life.

The Spyder 4 pro is available right now from Amazon at a fantastic price if you follow this link.

What are the Main Features of the Spyder 4 Pro?

Automated Color & Brightness Calibration
Spyder4Pro offers a straightforward and easy-to-follow automated process for calibrating your displays to a reference condition. View and edit your photos on a screen which you know is tuned to a luminance to show both highlight and shadow detail and which is displaying true-to-life colors.

Full-spectrum color sensor
Every unit which passes through Datacolor’s production is tuned individually to cope with a wide variety of screens and displays, both wide-gamut and normal gamut. The patented 7 color sensor offers many benefits over 3-channel RGB colorimeter units.

One Sensor to Calibrate all your Displays
The Spyder4Pro works with LCD, LED, OLED CRT and other screens. You can use it to calibrate your laptop, monitors, iPad, iPhone and even your TV (this is subject to a paid software upgrade which you can access through the Datacolor website.

Improved Consistency and Accuracy
With their fourth generation of colorimeter, Datacolor have introduced double-shielded color filters. These now offer an even better match to CIE standards and long-term consistency and stability of the units is improved by 19%

Fast Re-calibration Assistant
With the ReCAL feature, you can quickly and simply recalibrate your monitor in half the time it takes to do a full calibration.

Adapts display to Ambient Lighting
An ambient light sensor on the Spyder 4 Pro enables the system to adapt your screen to changing light conditions in your workspace.

Get more information and a great price on the Datacolor Spyder4Pro S4P100 at Amazon by clicking here.

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IPad Color Calibration now available with the Spyder 3 range

Now you can achieve correct iPad Color Calibration if you own one of the Spyder 3 units.

Many photographers love the iPad. It is a quick, easy and convenient way to view your photographs and to show them to clients and potential clients. The only problem up until now has been that you couldn’t be sure how accurate the color reproduction was.

Well, thanks to Datacolor, that problem has now been resolved. If you own one of their Spyder 3 range of monitor calibration tools, such as the Spyder 3 Express, Spyder 3 Pro or Spyder 3 Elite, then you have everything you need to achieve perfect color reproduction on your iPad.

Free software means you don’t have to spend out again to get accurate color on your iPad.

Datacolor are giving away their SpyderGallery app for free through iTunes. You just download from the iTunes store and follow some simple instructions to calibrate your iPad. Connect the iPad to your PC or Mac and set the app running. The app will guide you to place your Spyder 3 (also connected to the main computer) on a designated zone of the iPad screen and will then run through a simplified version of the calibration routine you are used to seeing. At the end of it, you can see before and after, just like on your home computer.

So long as you then view your photographs through the SpyderGallery, everything will be beautifully calibrated. The Gallery acts just like the standard Photos app so there is no need to transfer or duplicate your photos.

The differences are subtle but noticeable and, as a professional, or simply as a photographer who takes pride in your work, correct iPad Color Calibration is a must.

If you don’t already have one of the Spyder 3 units, maybe now is the time to invest. The best deals we found on the Spyder 3 Express, Spyder 3 Pro and Spyder 3 Elite
are at Amazon. Click on the links to be taken there.

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Datacolor DC S3X100 Spyder 3 Express Review – what you should know BEFORE you buy.

Spyder 3 Express Review – simple and powerful

Datacolor have recognised with the Spyder 3 Express that not everybody needs all the bells and whistles. However, everybody who does a bit of photography and takes some pride in their photos, can benefit from good Monitor Calibration.Pack shot and clear product photo of the Datacolor DC S3X100 Spyder 3 Express

That’s why Datacolor created the DC S3X100 Spyder 3 Express

All the models in this range offer enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers alike reliable color which they know will allow them to accurately reproduce their photos on the computer display and in their prints.

Nonetheless, users need to decide which features are vital to them and which ones they might never actually make use of. If budget is not an issue then the models further up in the range do obviously offer a slightly broader range of features but for many, this model will have everything they need to start working in an accurate color environment. You won’t know what’s hit the first time you get your monitor correctly calibrated and you realise just how much detail you were losing before. Get your photos back from an online printer and you can be sure that they will be an extremely close match to what you saw on your screen.

Much of the hardware in this unit is share with its bigger brothers. The Spyder 3 Express is equipped with the latest, state of the art, optical design, a 7 detector color engine and the largest aperture on the market, making it the leading colorimeter in the market. The Datacolor monitor calibration system gives an efficient digital workflow, allowing users to achieve faithful color reproduction quickly and easily.

One limitation of this model, compared to its more expensive stablemates is that it is designed for use only on one display unit. If you have several screens which you want to calibrate then you do need to think about paying out for the slightly dearer models.

The streamlined interface walks the user easily through the process of calibrating the monitor, providing consistent and accurate color on LCD, Laptop and traditional CRT displays. Perfect for the person who wants accurate color on their monitor and prints but doesn’t want – or need – to spend hundreds on models with a load of features they will never use.

You can buy this model at a great price from Amazon by clicking HERE

This monitor calibration tool comes complete with:

  • colorimeter
  • software on CD
  • quick start guide
  • cloth for cleaning the screen
  • 12 month hardware warranty

System requirements are

  • Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Win 7 RC
  • Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)
  • USB port
  • Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (Netbook option allows for 1024 x 600)
  • 100Mb available hard drive space
  • 128Mb available RAM

Best price for this unit is at Amazon through this link

UK customers can get it HERE
If you’re in Canada, it is at HERE

AndTheCon in Los Angeles bought a Datacolor DC S3X100 from Amazon and provided a review. Here’s what he had to say:

5 StarsThis entry level monitor calibration tool works well, but does lack a couple of features I was hoping for, but at the price it was great.

Overall it was easy to use (I have used the Spyder 3 Pro as well and yielded good results.) I recommend you create a custom profile through color sync or equivalent for your monitor before you calibrate to get the best results.  I am a photography student & I’m familiar with more complicated calibration techniques but the price and simplicity of this Syder make it a good buy.

Con: Can’t set non native white point or gamma settings (Hence the price difference between the Express & Pro models,  I guess)

Recommended for enthusiasts or students.

The Review has been paraphrased for this site. For the full review, Click Here

The big brothers to the Spyder 3 Express are the Spyder 3 Pro and the Spyder 3 Elite. Return to the Home Page for more Monitor Calibration Reviews

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The info you need on the X-Rite ColorMunki Photo – Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler BEFORE you buy it.

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo Review

For professional photographers and serious hobbyists, the ColorMunki Photo is an all-in-one spectrophotometer which allows you to adjust and match colors between devices. Shot of the colormunki photo monitor calibration unitNow you only need one device to calibrate your monitors, projectors, and printers so that your color are totally consistent from screen right through to printout and for projected images.  ColorMunki will save you from wasting ink, paper, and your valuable time with trial-and-error color correction. You can have precise color throughout your workflow.

Perfectly Optimized Colors with the ColorMunki Photo

As a photographer, you know how essential perfect color is to your work. But it can be a real challenge to get this color precise through your entire workflow, with so many different devices to calibrate individually, and then hope they all match up. It would be pointless to carefully calibrate your screen, work to achieve the exact result you want for an image and then reproduce it using an uncalibrated printer or projector. With the easy-to-use interface and self-guided system, the process is streamlined, while still delivering the best results. In minutes, you’ll be able to synchronize your monitor’s colors with those of your printer or projector.

The printer calibration process is very easy to use. Print a test chart using the supplied software and then use the calibration device to scan it. The results of this scan will be interpreted to allow for the characteristics and limitations of your printer. A second test chart will then be generated. When you have printed and scanned this second chart, the profile will be created and your workflow is now correctly calibrated from beginning to end.

You can buy this model from Amazon at a great price by clicking here.

Check out this video to get an idea of how comprehensive the ColorMunki Photo really is

The best price for this unit is at Amazon, if you follow this link

In the UK, you can but it HERE on

Key features of this model include:

  • Create and Store Color Profiles for Dependable Results – simply point the sensor at your screen and it will measure your display, compare it to “ideal” colors and create an appropriate color profile.
  • Printer Profiling – using RGB and CMYK profiling technology, ColorMunki will scan your printed test sheet, analyze your printer’s coloration and dynamically correct it.
  • Create individual profiles for skin tones, black and white, sepia, etc. Work in the environment which best suits the work you are doing.
  • AppSet software can interact with many different design applications. When you have created your profile, it will automatically synchronize the profile with Photoshop, InDesign, Quark XPress, Corel Draw etc.
  • Digital Pouch, enables you to share your images with the world without losing your profiles. Put the images in the pouch and your recipient can open them without any special software, complete with the embedded color profiles. If their own monitor is not correctly calibrated, the Digital Pouch will recognize this and will warn them that they are not viewing the images as intended!

Michael Frase, from Collierville, TN, bought one of these, and had this to say:

5 star review of the product from an Amazon customerNo one wants to listen to me wax poetic, so this is it, short and sweet: I have used other monitor calibration hardware in the past, and all of them have worked to some extent, but none, regardless of the price, could compare to the X-Rite ColorMunki Photo. It is the most accurate equipment of this type I’ve ever used, and if it only accurately profiled my dual displays, so that they finally matched, that would be reason enough to be completely satisfied.

But the real reason I love it is that it also accurately profiles my Epson large-format printer. What I see on my monitor finally actually appears on my prints. On any type of paper, when the appropriate profile is created, the results are 100% accurate and predictable. I have easily paid for this in paper and ink savings alone.

Buy this unit with total confidence, but follow the setup procedure carefully – follow the steps exactly as they are shown in the simple onscreen tutorial and your results will be spectacular.

The review has been paraphrased for size. To read the full review , click here.

For information about other units like the ColorMunki Photo, visit our home page for more Monitor Calibration Reviews

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Learn about the X-Rite EODIS2 Eye One Display 2 HERE. Powerful Monitor Calibration Tool

Eye One Display 2 Review

Improvements to the Eye One Display 2 hardware and software mean you can achieve consistent, repeatable color on all both CRT and LCD monitors.
X-Rite EODIS2 Eye-One Display 2 pack shot. Blister pack with calibration unit visible
This model contains an enhanced sensor which offers improved repeatability, faster measurements and greater sensitivity for more control in shadow area detail and a more neutral gray scale. The sleek and lightweight design has been carried over from the previous edition and has an Ambient light head (which doubles as a dust protector), a built-in counterweight for use with LCD displays and a suction cup for CRT monitors.

Take a look at the Xrite Eye One Display 2 for a simple-to-use and powerful system which offers the best monitor calibration profiling,

The Eye One Match 3.6.2 software supplied, has a straightforward interface and even offers an Easy Mode, enabling you to achieve great results with just a few mouse clicks. If you have a monitor which supports DDC/CI standards, you can achieve monitor calibration at the push of a button. Advanced Mode lets more experienced users achieve their best personal monitor calibration by selecting from different monitor white points, custom luminance settings and a detailed profile summary.

Software and hardware with great flexibility

The software provided enables you to work on a Workgroup Match. This means you can use reference profiles across all the screens within a given workgroup, so you can be sure of consistency on a project. A grey balance optimization mode is included to help you achieve neutral greys, with better definition. At the end of your calibration, you can produce a profile summary report for proper analysis, as well as having instant access to before and after images so you can see exactly what changes have been wrought.

The software includes on-screen guides. These are so comprehensive and easy to follow that it is not necessary to have paper-based manuals at all. One less thing to lose in the office!

Best Price for this is at Amazon by clicking here

In summary, the key features of the X-Rite EODIS2 Eye One Display 2 (phew!) are:

  • PC and Mac compatible software supplied – Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows XP 64
  • Compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements of LCD, CRT and laptop displays
  • Highest sensitivity for better control in shadow area detail and a more neutral gray scale
  • Removable ambient light head monitors ambient light measurements – also acts as a dust protector for the device!

This video will tell you more about the model’s capabilities

You can get a great deal on this calibration unit at Amazon here have it HERE for UK customers
Canadians can find it (sold under the Pantone label) at HERE

E.Kim bought one of these from Amazon and gives a fantastically detailed review, which I have attempted to summarise here:

5 star review of the unit from an Amazon userI have been increasingly involved in photography and eventually realized that monitor color and luminance calibration was necessary. It just made no sense, spending hours post processing a photo on my computer, only for it to show up with different colors on someone else’s screen or printer.

I have now calibrated my dual LCD monitor setup with total ease and great, consistent results.

Same hardware as the well regarded LaCie Blue Eye

Excellent ability to reproduce black on LCD

Ability to measure and calibrate luminance

Simple and advanced modes available

Installation CD contains very easy to follow video tutorials on calibrating your monitor.

This review has been heavily paraphrased for space here because it goes into great detail. If you want to read the review of the Eye One Display 2 in full CLICK HERE.

Return to the Home Page for more Monitor Calibration Reviews

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What you need to know about the Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite BEFORE you buy it!

Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite Review

Professional photographers and graphics editors know that before they can trust the colors they see on screen they need to calibrate their monitors and with Datacolor’s Spyder 3 Elite monitor calibration system, you can trust in accurate and consistent color from beginning to end of your digital workflow. Correct calibration is available to you, in your studio, from image capture right through to digital retouching and printing.

Pack shot and close up showing details of the Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite
You can now calibrate not only your LCD or tradtional CRT monitor but also laptop screens and front projectors. This gives you a wider range of calibration than ever before.

This calibrator is available on an amazing deal at Amazon by clicking here

The Spyder 3 Elite is the next generation in accuracy for calibration, speed and precision

It allows you to create unlimited user defined gamma and temperature settings, all designed to work the way photographers do. On top of this, you get the new intelligent Ambient light control, a double quick ReCAL option, Expert Console, SpyderProof function, StudioMatch Assistant and calibration for front projectors. The Spyder3 uses Datacolor’s most recent design colorimeter. This uses a state-of-the-art optical design, with the only 7 detector color engine in the industry and the largest light aperture of any monitor calibrator available on the market.

Discover more about your display’s capabilities

Of course, to ensure the best possible results, you need to know that the screen you are using is up to the job. This unit includes a Monitor Quality Analyzer. What this will do is measure different areas of your screen and check for consistency. You can then identify which parts of the screen are sufficiently consistent to use for really accurate calibration. The Display Graph feature will also allow you to compare the gamut of different displays to each other, as well as to the standard color spaces sRGB or AdobeRGB. Thus, you can know the capabilities and limitations of your display better than ever before.

The 3 Elite uses a patented filter array and is embedded with an ambient light sensor. This sensor monitors the ambient light within the room and gives you the option to change the lighting, or to use a different profile if the ambient lighting changes significantly. This means you are always working to the maximum level of accuracy and consistency, vital features for a photographer.

For the best deal, Click here to go to Amazon, where they’re offering it at half-price

Customers in the UK can visit HERE

So, the main features of this unit are:

  • The only 7-detector color engine, and the largest light aperture, in the industry for unmatched performance
  • New ReCAL option offers recalibration of your monitor in half the time of a full calibration
  • Software includes SpyderProof, Expert Console, and more, all designed for the way photographers work
  • Built in ambient light sensor gives smart calibration correction
  • StudioMatch allows you to calibrate all your displays to a single target for maximum consistency and efficiency

Here’s what a real-world user, W. of NYC, thought of the system:

4 Star Review of the product at AmazonWorking on a Mac, I was using a Pantone Huey which was OK but I ended up balancing my monitor by eye to a broadcast quality TV monitor. Then I read a review that the Spyder 3 Elite included a setting for broadcast digital video and since I do that from time to time I went for it.

The version 4 software is much better than the version 3 so I recommend the upgrade, which is free from Datacolor’s website to new purchasers.

So long as you follow the instructions the system works very well and my monitors are looking better than I ever been able to achieve by eye. Given that the next alternative for calibrating a computer monitor for broadcast video is more than double the price, this is a good deal.

Review edited for space. To read the full review of the Spyder 3 Elite CLICK HERE

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Monitor Calibration Review. Read this BEFORE you buy the Datacolor Spyder 3 Pro

Spyder 3 Pro

If you are serious about your photography, then you really need to think about monitor calibration and the Datavision Spyder 3 Pro will enable you to calibrate your monitor to a high degree of color accuracy.
Image of Pack shot showing packaging details for the Datacolor sc3100 Spyder 3 Pro monitor calibrator unit
Many photographers, and others working within the graphics market, are looking for a calibrator which is capable of working to a high degree of accuracy and consistency, and one that has the ability to take control of all the important functions of the monitor. Although we may have experimented with calibration shots and carrying out everything manually, ultimately this just cannot give the results we are looking for. What is wanted is a model which strikes the right balance between high-end functions and affordable price. Maybe this offering from Datacolor will be just what we need.

Updated hardware.
This model carries the new third generation colorimeter. This has a totally new, state of the art, optical design and is aimed at serious photographers, for reliable, accurate and consistent color. This new colorimeter has the largest sample area of any in the industry. This ensures a high level of accuracy and cannot be misled by a small area of the monitor which may be either dirty or catching a reflection of some sort, or which is exhibiting a localised aberration, such as dead pixels. This can happen with even the highest grade LCD monitor. The light intake of the new hardware design also has a sensitivity to light which has been increased over previous models by 400%. This highly significant increase means a much more accurate and detailed calibration is possible.

The Spyder 3 Pro Has Features Which Offer Greater Control Than Ever Before

You get more contol than ever over white-point and gamma settings and Datavision’s latest software even allows monitors with more limited controls, such as those on iMacs, to be controlled automatically.

This video gives you some insight into the workings of the Spyder

If you are looking to buy, the 3 pro is available HERE from Amazon with nearly a 50% saving over list price

Summary of Features

Some of the great features of this calibration unit include:

  • Light sensitivity increased by 400%
  • Largest screen sample area in the industry
  • 2 methods of attaching the colorimeter – a counterweight for use with flat screens and a suction cup for traditional CRT units
  • A great 2 year warranty coupled with online support
  • Software is supplied for both PC and Mac
  • USB connection and a cradle for the colorimeter to sit in, to continuously monitor the ambient light
  • Full monitor calibration or you can carry out a ReCal option which takes half the time

If you’re looking to buy this unit, you won’t find it cheaper than this link to Amazon, where it’s basically half price

This kit really does work. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your monitor performance, and to the accuracy of your prints. If you’ve ever got prints back from an online service and wondered why they don’t match up to how they looked on your screen, chances are it is because you weren’t using a unit such as this. Only when you know you are working to the same standard as everybody else can you be sure that you aren’t wasting your time. Don’t take my word for it – this is what one of Amazon’s customers had to say

This kit really does work. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your monitor performance, and to the accuracy of your prints. If you’ve ever got prints back from an online service and wondered why they don’t match up to how they looked on your screen, chances are it is because you weren’t using a unit such as this. Only when you know you are working to the same standard as everybody else can you be sure that you aren’t wasting your time. Don’t take my word for it – this is what one of Amazon’s customers had to say about the Spyder 3 Pro:

5 star review from an amazon userThis Monitor Calibrator works great for me and I found it very useful to read the User’s Guide for the Elite model, and to watch Catherine Hall’s video.

I now use a setting which is a combination of (2) and (3), which is 2.2 gamma, 6500K white point and 120 cd/m^2 white luminance level. With the monitor at the lower kelvins or the settings for 1, recommended for my ambient light which varies morning to night,  I struggled to see what was on the monitor. With Lightroom 3 my prints are such a good match to the monitor that I’m very happy with the outcome.

The review has been paraphrased for size. It goes on to give a lot more detail about the advanced calibration settings – you can read the full review here.

For more information and reviews of other models like the pro, return to the Home Page of Monitor Calibration Reviews

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